Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is not only a disorder of combat veterans but also a condition found in all victims of child sexual abuse, rape, street robbery, and traumatic car or airplane accidents to name some less thought of non-combat etiologies. Never forget that.

Moreover, PTSD can manifest itself in a split second! The time for PTSD to manifest itself depends upon the victim’s condition of health, education, mental status, type of criminal assault, or even being a victim enclosed in an accidental coal mine collapse. One does not necessarily have to suffer extreme combat or sexual abuse for months or years. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can manifest itself in a victim after only a lightening-like split-second of trauma. Most people were never informed about that.

Therefore, we make it clear that it can and often will happen that quickly. In the case of WWII Navy Veteran and Captain of the heavy-cruiser U.S.S. Indianapolis, Admiral Charles McVay III, that occurred after his vessel was sunk by a Japanese submarine. He survived the sinking but, in later years, committed suicide following his untreated and undiagnosed PTSD that developed from that torpedo attack. His PTSD condition persisted to fester and worsen over many years following the sinking of his ship. Read that story on our home page. It reveals a more complete explanation of that combat event and what he lived with following his Navy courts-martial trial. At the Tesla Institutes, we believe that Admiral McVay is a true war hero who died from medical complications brought on by undiagnosed and untreated PTSD that ultimately led to his tragic sequelae.

Knowledgeable people have cause to speak out in favor of helping our combat veterans from World War II and Vietnam to the most recent battles in undeclared wars. We explain this in order to place more information into the public domain about PTSD syndrome. We are educating and urging American companies to work with us in helping our combat veterans who have PTSD by locating and informing them about meaningful jobs that they enjoy. We are not a charity; rather, we are a profit making company but your company can help. When it comes to PTSD in our combat veterans, the Nikola Tesla Institutes of Medicine—USA and Costa Rica, Incorporated recommends treating them with a job not a drug.

Not everyone knows that most combat veterans will suffer from this debilitating illness; however, many are women and men who now live on the streets and have no job. Do not be fooled, not all our veterans are getting thorough, convincing treatment. We do not accept charity, but you can help by hiring one or more of these veterans. So contact us and assist a veteran living with PTSD in your community by offering to give him or her a job. We will do the rest to complete the link-up process. We should work together and solve this unique problem.

Waiting never works.

Remember this: in our America, 1-million veterans are still without work, most of them live on the streets, a huge number have PTSD, and many are female. If you are a manager or owner of a company, you can help change that. Waiting on others to act after they said all those good words did not work for those military veterans.

Tell us if you are either a military veteran yourself who needs a job—or—if you can hire a veteran. Your written inquires or comments shall forever remain a confidential matter unless you yourself disclose it. The Director of the Nikola Tesla Institutes of Medicine can keep a secret.

Go to our Contact Page now and send your message. Director Bielich will then respond to you within 24-hours. He shall assign a special ID-number to you for future inquiries. From then on, you can sign in with that number when asking a question or sending a comment. Only the Director receives your request, and only he responds. There shall be no intermediaries between the Director of the Institutes of Medicine and you.