The Nikola Tesla Institutes of Medicine—USA and Costa Rica, Incorporated can help small towns with small populations to get full-time doctors to live and work in your developing community if you need a doctor and dentist. We do not do medicine without dentistry because proper health requires both.

We specialize in developing combined medical and dental clinics, hospitals, and specialized treatment centers, but it is not an overnight thing. It requires a lot planning and hard work.

Contact me via email only. I do not take telephone calls. I need to read what you write to act on anything because I cannot remember every word someone says on the telephone. I do not have perfect recall.

To start off, please reach me via this website under CONTACT, and tell me where you are in the USA because we do this only in one other country and that is Costa Rica. We have a representative there already. I want to know where your community needs a full-time doctor and dentist. I can help and want to assist you in solving this problem.

It is not unusual to have no doctor and dentist in town.

Please tell me your location in the USA, its population of adults and children, the job market there (very general), the geography, the weather, and if the people hunt and fish. I wish to know about the minerals in your County and if people living there collect rocks, plants, insects, antiques, or prospect with a metal detector.

When I receive your inquiry, I shall respond to you within 24 hours.

Nicholas Bielich - Director