This page is written for American Military Veterans, Police, Firefighters, and Child Protective Services personnel. We also include eligible foreign students who think they want to go to a medical school in the United States of America.

The Nikola Tesla Institutes of Medicine—USA and Costa Rica, Incorporated has been negotiating with a foreign medical school and hospital for the purpose of their forming a joint venture with us. They negotiate with the intent to open their accredited medical school in the United States and expect us to make it so by September 2019 with our first class. However, before that date arrives, we must proceed at a slow-and-steady pace in order to select a facility having the proper size, proper location, and proper student-housing quarters.

American Military Veterans and other personnel described above will be eligible to apply for such a loan if they have good credit. Only Americans from the groups described in our opening sentence above shall be eligible. Foreign students must provide their own financing at this time, but we are negotiating other financial arrangements. The student loans I speak of for Americans include tuition and living expenses. Details on loans to foreign medical students are actively being discussed. Americans students have no age limit to attend medical school, and they only start to make payments on their student loan one-year after they graduate. I have decreed that Medal of Honor recipients may attend our medical school tuition free.

Imagine yourself already in the future working as a licensed physician, a dentist, or as a pharmacist. It is possible for you to achieve that with our assistance. We prefer to instruct military veterans, police, firefighters, and child protective services personnel at our school because these same groups understand how to obey orders and have already served their country in an unselfish way. You people can be trusted, you have a track record of helping others and, in the past, medical students with your background have become superior doctors. For that reason, we invite you to enroll with us now. Your DD214, your Police or Firefighter personnel file, or your Child Protective Services record, is the only admission test you need to enter our future medical school; by your work history and personal sacrifices, you people have already passed your qualifying examination to prove you can be a good doctor.

Above all else, understand this: we can train you; we do not care if you have only one eye or no eyes, one arm or no arms, one leg or no legs; you will graduate from our medical school by studying the behavioral objectives we give you for the exams that you take in class. That way, you know precisely how to prepare for your tests. That is my specialty in teaching. I learned that from my favorite professor, Gabriel D. Offish, PhD who changed my life as a teacher and made me into an educator. (See his memorial acknowledgments at: Professor Ofiesh ended his career as Department Head of the Graduate School of Educational Psychology and Educational Technology at Howard University in Washington, DC. However, I studied with him many years before that. Professor Offish wrote a programmed learning system used to train bombardiers for our Army Air Corps when we had to go to war after the Japanese attacked us at Pearl Harbor. Today, I still follow his educational principles used in the making of his programmed learning system written back in 1941 when President Franklin Delano Roosevelt asked Congress to declare war against the Empire of Japan. Most people never knew Professor Ofiesh later became a Colonel in the U.S. Air Force. He also fashioned special educational training skills using videos on his programmed learning systems for sailors and Naval Officers aboard nuclear submarines under the direction of Admiral Hyman Rickover of the. Professor Ofiesh was one of the few men I describe as “brilliant.”

Doctor Gabriel Ofiesh taught me to create and use my own programmed learning systems and other advanced educational technology in my daily lesson plans, and it changed my life forever. By using this modern educational technology in present day medical education, I can train you to be a good doctor. If you lost your sight, have only one or no hands, one leg or no legs, there are plenty of jobs in the medical community that do not involve surgery or eyesight; so if you have a military, police, child protective services background or you are a firefighter and show me intensity for learning, I can train you and make you into the ideal personality to study and become a good doctor.

Hence, register as a potential medical school student at once and, after that, I will contact you within 24-hours of your having registered and start you on a new career. We plan to begin our medical school classes in September 2019, and we expect you to be a member of our first class.

Director Bielich - N. T. Institutes of Medicine—USA and Costa Rica, Inc.