This is our for profit corporate website that has a lot of information for military veterans, potential medical students, police, firefighters, and social workers concerning jobs and opportunities for people like you who want to change careers by reeducating themselves in order to achieve a better financial and more interesting lifestyle. Continue reading our links above to gain better insight about what we do now, what we stand for, and what we intend to complete in the near future here at the Nikola Tesla Institutes of Medicine—USA and Costa Rica, Incorporated.

In the main, I ask you to pay attention to what we can offer you, what we can offer military veterans, police, or other individuals who are perhaps young students wishing to enter the medical profession from either college or high school. If you are a seasoned military veteran or police agent who wants to retire and change his or her work ethic, we can assist you in that because it is one of our major functions at the Institute of Medicine,

Young people from other countries who want to enter medical school in the United States will find this site attractive and suitable for their special needs. Pay attention to what we say and how we express our thoughts. Concentrate on our concept of evaluating students through the use of behavioral objectives as opposed to the present universal techniques of educators who evaluate their students by making them “guess” what is going to be on the test rather than telling them what to expect on the exam and how they will be asked to perform during their evaluation. That is modern, smart, efficient, and appropriate higher education technology that provides clear, rapid, concise training that will also eliminate cheating.

If you do not understand what a behavioral objective is, it will not be explained on this website; rather, you will have to look it up yourself and make the discovery. Nonetheless, it is a vital educational concept for you to understand and accept if you really intend to move ahead by placing yourself into position for a future lifetime of study in the healthcare profession by entering medical school now.

In the past, many people have said great things about what should be done to assist military veterans, police agents, firefighters, and child protective services personnel. Yet, nothing new happened. That is why Chief Joseph is quoted on our opening page. In that same manner, we quote General George Smith Patton who pointed out that bureaucrats do think alike and that is why nothing happens for military veterans until a scandal occurs and reporters point out the problem. After that, bureaucrats jump to cover their back-sides; that’s really what happens. Follow us inside this website where we show you how to make things happen by yourself.

Happy New Year 2017!

Nicholas Bielich—Director of N.T. Institutes of Medicine

Chief Joseph

- Chief Joseph -

"... it does not require many words to speak the truth."

George Paton

- General Patton -

"Never tell people how to do things; tell them what to do, and they will surprise you with their creativity.”